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Hello! I am Dana Pfrangle...

In the insanity of 2020, I decided to start a blog. I was feeling the desire to dig deeper and learn more about others in this world...and more about myself. I needed an outlet other than Facebook. A little more about me: I am married to a great man and am a mother to a wonderful son. I am a bit obsessed with our 4 dogs.  LOVE animals! Additionally, I recently obtained my master's degree in Human Resource Management with a specialization in Organizational Leadership & Change Management. I finally figured out what direction I wanted my career to go in my late 30s. With the support of my husband, and some great colleagues, I decided to enroll at CSU Global.  I graduated with a 3.92 GPA, and I am unapologetically super proud of this accomplishment. I really enjoy school at this stage of my life. I have more clarity and understanding of what interests my soul and mind. This brain of mine has many ideas banging around, and I'd like to see several of them come to fruition. We will see where it all takes me! As we know...sometimes life can take funny detours. 


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