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Any Love for 2020?

Updated: Jan 2

It is now officially 2021. Typically, I don't reflect too hard or long on the previous year. I tend to be a long term planner and focus on the future. However, 2020 was an interesting year and deserves some reflection.

First and foremost, I want to reiterate that our nurses, doctors, teachers, first responders, therapists, and small business owners are the true heros of 2020. They showed up each and every day trying to find solutions for our health (physically and mentally) and recreated how school operated in order to keep our kids safe. Thank you for your amazing work. Without people like you our world would not be able to function.

For me, personally, I found some positives to 2020. Don't get me wrong, my intention is not to diminish any of the hardships people experienced. With that said, I feel like quarantine and working from home made me slow down and enjoy the extra time being with my husband and son. Strangley, we didn't find each other's company annoying. We embraced it. Of course we wished we could go on our Disneyland vacation and follow through with other travel plans, but we know there will be other opportunities in the future.

Additionally, I was able to gain some extra focus on my school work (master's in Human Resource Management) and set myself up for my graduation here in March 2021. I only have one more class left! I am extremely excited to be done. I am also weirdly sad it will be over. I found that taking classes as an adult is much more enjoyable and fulfilling. Well, for me that is the case. I will continue to study for certification exams (PHR, SHRM, and CEBS) and know those will keep me entertained on the learning front. I did pass the aPHR exam in September 2020, so I am thrilled with that accomplishment. That was another positive I found in 2020. I had more time to focus on studying for certifications.

Now for the negative aspect of 2020... my small family did come down with COVID-19. We followed all the guidelines but still fell victim to it. It was not a pleasant experience, but we all came out of it fine. We are extremely grateful that we didn't have life threatening complications and were able to get back to normal within about 3 weeks.

For 2021, I will take what comes. I will remain positive and work toward my goals. Honestly, I was never great at following through with goals when I was younger, but I think something clicked in my late 30s. I really enjoy making short term and long term goals. I am more patient and kind with myself now, and it makes it easier to reach goals when failures happen during the journey. As we know, goals are not reached in a straight path. The paths are often tumultuous and sometimes painful.

There it is...I do have love for 2020. It was strange, scary, and confining. However, it was also loving and productive in its unique way.

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