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Let's Talk Dogs!


I am a crazy dog lady. Truthfully, I really love all animals. I just can't keep a farm in my suburban home. I would, if I could. Ask my husband!

Since I was a tiny human, I have been obsessed with cute/furry creatures (and even not the cute and furry). If I was given a doll for my birthday or Christmas, I'd cry. I only wanted stuffed animals, and I named 95% of them Leonard. I have no idea why I picked the name Leonard. I figure it kept things easy. Mostly, I remember finding it amusing that others thought it was amusing. So naturally, I kept the trend up.

What is my favorite animal? Well, by the title of this piece, it is obvious that I love cats the most (sarcasm for those that tend not to pick up on that type of thing). Actually, I love dogs and cats equally, but our last cat learned how to use the doggie door faster than our schnoodle and mini schnauzer (both dogs have sadly passed away). She became an indoor/outdoor cat at that moment. We assume she was eventually devoured by a cayote in our area. A few neighborhood kids brought us her mangled collar about 3 months after she had not returned home. Therefore, we decided to stick with only dogs going forward. Sad, I know.


This is Lucy. She is my mini Australian Shepherd. Her nicknames are Lucemcgoose and Butt Dog. My husband calls her Butt Dog because she uses her butt to herd the other dogs away from me. She is a mommy's girl through and through! Lucy is incredibly sweet and loyal (true to the breed). However, she is very stubborn and only shows how smart she is when she feels like it. If she sees her momma getting annoyed with her stubbornness, she will comply to keep mom happy.

We acquired Lucy when I was fostering her for a dog rescue. I couldn't give up this gorgeous velcro baby. Who knew following me around every moment of the day would be so amazing?! I am famous and loved even while I sit on the white commode! Privacy does not exist in Lucy's world (mom is her world). If you have lived with an Australian Shepherd, you'll understand their committment to their human goes beyond the typical dog/human relationship.


Fostering Lucy is how we ended up with 4 dogs (much to my husband's disapproval). Tears, begging and endless promises sometimes work! I learned that trick from our 8-year-old human child. (Yep, I am no longer allowed to foster.)

Lucy! She is about 2 years old.

The next doggo is our newest member. Her name is Zoey. Her nicknames are Zoo Zoo, Zo Zo, and Ogre Dog. Ogre Dog comes from her silly under bite.

Zoey absolutely loves my son. If he is home, she prefers his energetic company. I love that he can experience that connection with an animal. I believe animals help build lots of character and empathy in kids. Additionally, taking care of one teaches kids responsibility and commitment.

Zoey is about 1 1/2 years old and keeps the others in shape by her constant need to play. She is so goofy and cute! I love the little sounds she makes when she yawns and that she has to walk all over me to attack my face with kisses.

This little girl is also a rescue dog. We reached out to the dog rescue we volunteer for after our Pepper passed away (schnoodle). I mentioned that if they saw any schnauzer or poodle mixes come through that hey should keep us in mind. Strangley, the head of the rescue was talking with an animal shelter who had a suspected mini schnauzer/poodle mix at their facility. It was the universe telling us that we needed to continue on with 4 dogs. Apparently, I must have wore my husband down. He agreed.

Zoey - about 1.5 years old.

Cheena is our awkward and goofy rescue poodle. She was our first foster and our first foster failure. Really, it is a blessing that we have her. A foster blessing.

She is my husband's baby. From the time we picked her up from a transport coming from Texas, my husband has been her protector.

We were told no one wanted her because of her cataracts. The owners wanted to euthanize her because they didn't want to deal with her eyes. This is how she ended up at a rescue in Texas. The Texas rescue was in contact with the dog rescue we volunteer for in Colorado, and that's how she came to be our Stinky Cheena or our Chee Chee. Cheena has some stinky breath! We decided to keep her name and not change it.

My husband drove her the hour to the Colorado State University Veterinarian School to have her eyes looked over (via the rescue). We decided we couldn't give her up knowing she needed good owners to take care of her. However, strangely, after a couple of visits to the school, we were told that her cataracts stopped growing. Her eyesight isn't the best, but she has been doing well here in our home.

I love that my tall/big husband has a poodle as his dog. Cheena loves him and waits for him at the door to the garage when he leaves the house.

Cheena - 2.5 to 3 years old

The last one of the 4 is our pekapoo, Raven. She is the oldest and the leader. Her nickname is Doopie. Not sure where the nickname originated from, but it has stuck.

This girl was a hellion as a puppy. Raven was a diva who decided that the carpet under the dining room table was her personal pee haven. We eventually had to take out our carpet and put in CoreTec floors. We've been very happy with our flooring with 4 dogs.

Raven loves EVERYONE! This dog wants attention from every person who she comes in contact with. She is a little black fuzzball of love and kisses.

Now that she is older, she is at a good age. She is chill but still has some spunky energy to play with the others.

Raven - 3.5 years old


Here are a few things I have learned by being a dog owner (animal lover) and volunteering for dog rescues. Much of this should be common sense. However, people surprise me every day.

  • Most veterinarian clinics aren't rolling in the money. Most make just enough money to pay their staff and themselves. Taking care of animals is a calling and they put everything into that calling...not in it for the money.

  • If your cat/dog (any animal) has an injury (like a swollen eye that is turning a different color), it requires you to take them to the vet. Don't post a picture of it on social media and ask people their opinions. TAKE YOUR ANIMAL TO A VETERINARIAN.

  • If you can't afford to pay for an animal's care, don't get one. In some cases people fall on hard times. That is different. If you don't have the ability to properly care for an animal, wait to get one when you do.

  • Treat dogs like dogs. I am not saying don't enjoy them and care for them properly. I am saying that they are not human babies. Feed them appropriately, socialize them, and let them play. Dogs learn a lot by being able to play.

  • Dog parks are a bad idea. They are filled with disease and many people don't watch their own dogs. It is a great opportunity for dog fights to happen.

  • Do research on the breed before you get one. Don't adopt a husky if you live in an apartment.

  • Adopt don't shop! However, if you do decide to buy one from a breeder, please do your research to ensure they are an ethical breeder!

What would you add to this list?


I am blessed to be a dog owner. My family takes it seriously, and we have spent thousands of dollars on our animals. We wouldn't have it any other way. What they give in return is so much more!

You can follow my dogs on Instagram! @pfurry_pfrangles

One last photo...Zoey "Zo Zo" on a mask!

Zoey mask!

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