• Dana Pfrangle

School Conundrum

There are definitely some hard choices for people to make regarding their children going to in-person school or homeschool. In my mind, there really is no right answer. Every family and every child is different. For those with more than one kid, with varying needs, I do not envy your situation. Please know that I trust you are doing what is best for you and best for your children. Everyone tries to balance the needs of their own with the needs of society as a whole.

My husband and I decided to put our son in summer camp in the midst of all this. It is at his regular school (private Christian school). They've done an amazing job following all the CDC guidelines. It is actually impressive how they have taken it on. We definitely feel he is safe. Don't get me wrong, there was a lot of thought that went into our decision to move forward with summer camp. Emotionally, it was better for our son.

We don't leave our house without masks, and we wash our hands regularly. Truthfully, we make a trip to Target once a week. We don't tend to put ourselves in unsafe situations. We hope that other families are doing the same. For our child, he needs the social interaction. He loves his school. We can only hope it goes well.

If the school has to shut down for a bit due to pandemic complications, we will follow through with virtual homeschooling. For us, I guess we take it one day at a time. Thankfully, we are in the position to have flexibility in our jobs. Both of us are currently working from home. We know not everyone has that luxury.

Again, what an odd time. There are no perfect answers.

First day of school 2019

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