• Dana Pfrangle

The First One

For some reason everytime I hear the phrase "the new normal" I cringe. I am not entirely sure why it bothers me. The best I can come up with is that it seems so simplified. Normal is such a boring word. Most can agree. Life is anything but normal. However, I can't blame people for trying to make sense out of the craziness of 2020. If that phrase is what people need to navigate their lives in the midst of the shift our world is experiencing, I feel it is justified.

And here I am...another average person writing a blog. Again, average is another boring adjective. Yet, it is true. My life is average. I am a middle class white woman with a husband and a son. I am working toward a master's degree through an online university and working full-time (virtually) from home. I can't complain. I feel blessed to be where I am at in life. With that said, I am finding a deep need to connect with others. Although there are some great benefits to working from home, there is a loneliness. I do miss building in-person relationships with others/co-workers.

Yes, I do have a Facebook account. The thing is, I don't find it a great place to write long-winded descriptions of my life and feelings. It feels like the wrong medium. If people are interested in reading more about me, they can tune into this blog. I'll continue to be the annoying person that posts endless pictures of her son and dogs on Facebook. I mean, I don't know how people wouldn't love seeing photos of my child and dogs but now they have this amazing blog to learn about my thoughts of all the things...

Whatever those may be!

Stay tuned.

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